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Special Ramadhan – Edition What’s Included:

    • Tafsir Pictorial Story and Activity book Surah Al Qadr
    • Night at Gua Hira ’Activity (playdough, dry grass, watercolor & brush)
    • Good Deeds clock (paper plate, watercolor & brush, more than 15 stickers!)
    • Bonus for orders during launching weekend
    • Sadaqah Box

BONUS: Free Basic Package iLuvQuran Online Surah al-Qadr with 10 online learning materials!

Special Zulhijjah Edition – What’s Included :

  • Tafsir Pictorial Story and Activity book Surah Al Kauthar
  • Build Your River Model (soil, grass seeds, pebbles & glue)
  • Know Your Prayer Time Experiment (mini torchlight, paper plate, stick, ruler, playdough)
  • Fluffy Pompom Sheep Craft!
  • Sadaqah Box
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

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